About ALIS

The Advanced Light Imaging and Spectroscopy (ALIS) facility provides cutting-edge optical imaging technology that is beyond the capabilities of commercial instruments. The 980-square-foot facility represents a significant investment in the sciences at Duke, and complements the capabilities of the Light Microscopy Core Facility. The first instruments in the facility include a lattice light-sheet microscope, a deep-tissue serial sectioning microscope, and a multimodal pump-probe microscope. ALIS will offer the possibility of adapting these microscopes and co-developing novel microscopy approaches with PIs on campus. Please contact the director for inquiries.

ALIS is located in a very specialized room that features a high-precision HVAC system capable of +/- 1 degree Fahrenheit control through over-table HEPA filtration diffusers. Electrical power will be integrated into the over-table system and light-tight curtains will enclose each table.

The ALIS team will include a full time technician who will support Duke research teams. Microscope time will be made available in blocks based on specimen characteristics. This approach maximizes productive scope time and minimizes downtime due to complex experimental set ups.