Seminar Series on Advanced Optical Imaging Methods


Advanced Optical Microscopy Seminar Series

ALIS and LMCF are presenting a free virtual seminar series about current optical imaging techniques offered and/or developed at the two facilities. The series consists of seminars about the techniques and their applications, broadcasts of a walk-through for an actual imaging experiment, and hands-on workshops, where you can bring a sample.

As of now the seminars are held virtually via Zoom. They are free, but registration is required (you only need to register once and the link you receive via email is valid for all events).

The preliminary symposium schedule is as follows:


Part 1: “Light Sheet Imaging”, Sept 16, 2-3:30 pm

2 pm "Introduction to Light Sheet Microscopy," Lisa Cameron, Director of the Light Microscopy Core Facility, Duke University  
2:45 pm "Tissue clearing and lightsheet microscopy methods for in toto analysis of the mouse ovary," Jennifer McKey, Post Doctoral Associate in the Capel Lab, Department of Cell Biology  
3:00 pm "Mechanical regulation of cellular behaviors during skin morphogenesis," Nitya Ramkumar, Post Doctoral Associate in the  DiTalia and Poss Labs, Department of Cell Biology  

The recording of the webinar can be viewed here.


Part 2: “Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy”, Sept 21, 2-4 pm

2 pm "Introduction to the Advance Light Imaging and Spectroscopy (ALIS) Facility," Martin Fischer, Duke University  
2:15 pm

Keynote speaker: "Lattice Light Sheet Microscopy," Wes Legant, UNC Chapel Hill

3:15 pm "Light Sheets and Fly Embryos – 3D Imaging of Cell Sheet Morphogenesis," Dan Kiehart, Department of Biology  
3:35 pm "Advanced Imaging Methods for Cell and Tissue Mechanics," Christoph Schmidt, Department of Physics  

The recording of the webinar can be viewed here.